Excitation and charge carrier dynamics in solution and vacuum processed perovskite cells

Supervised by Dieter Neher, Matias Bargheer and Thomas Unold


The realization of efficient tandem cells necessitates the combination of subcells with well adapted optical and optoelectronic properties. Even though high efficiencies have now been realized with perovskite-based solar cells, we are far from a detailed understanding of how photovoltaic parameters are related to the chemical structure and the morphology of the active material. Moreover, the picture on the charge carrier dynamics and the electron-photon coupling in these systems is far from being complete.


The aim of the thesis work is to perform an in-depth experimental investigation of the electron and photon dynamics in perovskite-based solar cells, utilizing state of the art pump-probe techniques. These studies will yield valuable information about the mechanisms which dictate the efficiency of charge carrier generation and extraction. With samples of well-defined composition and structure being supplied by the collaborators, we aim at establishing conclusive structure-property relationships. The outcome of these studies will allow for a knowledge-guided fine-tuning of the photovoltaic properties of these cells.


The possible applicant should be familiar with solid state spectroscopy, including the physics of phonons and electrons in semiconducting materials.

Corresponding student

Christian Wolff