Perovskite solar cells have been attracting great attentions of solar energy researchers in recent years. Its efficiency development progress is remarkable reaching more than 22% efficiency until now. However, its application in large industrial scale is still questionable because of its instability. Therefore, in the new young investigator group at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin: ‘Active materials and interfaces for stable perovskite solar cells’ (INTER-ACTIVE), we focus on the stability of perovskite solar cells by various approaches.


Within the goal of the project’s big picture, I will work on the perovskite layer’s stability as my PhD project. In particular, using different characterisation techniques, I want to understand the dynamic behaviour of electronic components in perovskite solar cells during operational process. Along with this objective, I want to use chemical doping to improve the stability of perovskite.

Corresponding student

Nga Phung